Welcome To Andy's Code!

My Plan:

  1. Learn to code
  2. Pass job interview
  3. Ask to be paid $1 million per hour!
  4. Work for 1 hour
  5. Retire

My Skills

C#, Angular, React, NextJS, Python, JavaScript, Some Java, Some Django, HTML, CSS/SCSS

I have dabbled in infrastructure, just what I had to learn. A little terrible forms, I mean TerraForms, and AWS Azure stuff.

Git - Github, Gitlab, Sourcetree is my GUI of choice. I have some basic knowledge of pipelines.

I am a Network Engineer by trade, so programming all those Cisco switches and routers. Plugging in the blue cable!

When I can't get out of it, system admin work. Windows Server, Ubuntu, Linux Mint.

Coding Experience

I got lucky and got my first real coding job July 2022.

Tech stack: C# ASP.NET, Angular and Postgres database.

Before that, around 5 years of "self-study" in my spare time and on night shift.

I still consider myself a beginner, I have drowned a few times but been resuscitated by the seniors for more punishment.

My Project

This web app is probably my best piece of work to demonstrate.

ASP.NET 7 backend, NextJS FrontEnd and MySQL database.

I built the login/registration system from scratch using C# Identity Core.

Give it a try! Register, confirm your email, login, check your profile page, change your password.